Winter 2020

Season 3 of the Edmonds Diversity Film Series continues with four more screening dates through April 2020. Screenings are offered FREE to the public and scheduled for the third Saturdays of the month, January through April. For a complete list, and more detailed information about the films, including full synopses and movie trailers, please visit All movies are screened at Noon at the Edmonds Theater, 415 Main Street, an ADA-accessible facility. Each screening presents a film, or films, related to different topics or groups representing diverse populations and experiences.  After each screening there is a brief opportunity for comment and dialogue.



On February 15, 2020, 13th, is a 2016 America documentary which explores the "intersection of race, justic, and mass incarceration in the United States". It is titled after the Thirteenth Amendment to the United State Constitution, adoped in 1865, which abolished slavery throught the United State and ended involuntary servitude except as a punishment for convision of a crime. 






Then on March 21, 2020, In the Family, beginning with her story of testing positive for the familial breast cancer mutation (BRCA), Filmmaker Joanna Rudnick chronicles the lives of several women currently undergoing the process of genetic testing, following them from their decision to seek testing, through the testing process, and in the aftermath when they are coming to terms with the information they receive.





fat boy chronicleApril 18, 2020 is a double feature. Fat Boy Chronicles, Jimmy Winterpock at age fourteen is 5'5" and weighs 188 pounds. Ouside the comfort of his family and church, life for Jimmy is a constant struggle. The cruel taunts of his classmates make going to school or playing sports a humiliating experience. Yet, he still manages to focus on his goals: to lose weight and win over the girl of his dreams.

On Beauty Poster... and On Beauty, a story about challenging norms and redefining beauty. On Beauty follows fashion photographer Rick Guidotti, who left the fashion world when he grew frustrated with having to work within the restrictive parameters of the industry's standard of beauty. After a chance encounter with a young woman who had the genetic condition albinism, Rick re-focused his lens on those too often relegated to the shadows to change the way we see and experience beauty.

The Edmonds Diversity Film Series is sponsored by the Edmonds Diversity Commission, Rick Steves’ Europe, MyEdmondsNews, the Edmonds Centers for the Arts, and the Edmonds Theater.

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