Winter 2019
Capture copyIn addition to plastic straws, utensils, and stir sticks, the Edmonds City Council will move to ban all non-compostable food service containers from being offered by any Edmonds businesses. The draft ordinance would prohibit businesses from offering any single-use plastic items such as plates, bowls, cups, take-out containers, and several other common plastic food containers.

The ordinance would go into full effect on January 1, 2020. A separate companion ordinance will specifically prohibit plastic straws, utensils and stir sticks, and share the same effective date. Only certified compostable alternatives will be acceptable, unless a business chooses to also offer durable, reusable items as part of their food service.

Today there are a variety of accepted compostable versions to choose from. Affected businesses are encouraged to visit to view all the alternative food service products listings.

The City recognizes that many businesses have already embraced alternatives to single-use plastic items but many will need to switch to the alternatives. More information and resources will be posted on the City website coming soon. For now any questions can be directed to