Winter 2016
diversity 1 croppedEstablished in the Fall of last year, the newly formed Edmonds Diversity Commission enters its first full year of activity, serving the residents of Edmonds. The Commission’s mission is to serve as a resource for City government and the community in promoting an environment that accepts, celebrates, and appreciates diversity.

Representing Edmonds residents on the Commission are nine members, appointed to staggered, one-, two-, and three-year terms: Adam Khan, Mario Brown, George Basioli, Maria Montalvo, Gayle Ketzel, Patricia Valle, Tung Bui, Ed Dorame, and Diana White.

Since their appointment at the end of October, the new Commissioners have focused their initial work on drafting their first annual work plan, to be presented to City Council in January.

In 2016, the Diversity Commission will focus on engaging the community in order to better understand issues surrounding diversity and inclusion, and to develop strong partnerships to help fulfill its mission of promoting and embracing diversity in our community. 

 Referring to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose memory and legacy the nation celebrated last month, Diversity Commission Chair, Mario Brown recently offered the following thoughts: 

"When we remember Dr. King, we remember the work that it took to move this country forward on equality. That work continues to this day. Our goal as a commission is to shine a light on discrimination in any form while bringing our community together around our common humanity."

The Diversity Commission meets the first Wednesday of every month from 6:00 to 7:30pm, tentatively in City Council Chambers at 250 Fifth Avenue North (please check the City meeting calendar to confirm location). The public is encouraged to attend, and a brief public comment period will be offered near the beginning of each meeting agenda. For more information, please visit:

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