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by Jeanne Startzman, Public Disclosure / Records Management Specialist

main street parkingIf you’re an Edmonds resident, employee, or visitor, you’re likely aware that finding a parking spot in the downtown area where the three-hour parking limit is enforced can be a challenge. The City is aware that circling a block, looking for a vacant space, is frustrating at best.
In May, the City Council adopted two ordinances that update the City Code with revisions that work to free-up more parking spaces and clarify the use of residential parking permits.
If you intend to park in the three-hour zone, Ordinance No. 3884 advises that you can park your car for three hours only within any 12-hour period within the same block, on either side of the street. Or in other words, if you’re going to move your car after three hours, you must park it in a different block. It is now a parking violation if you re-park your car in the same block, even if it’s on the other side of the street.

Ordinance No. 3885 describes permitted parking in the three residential-parking zones. If you are a qualified resident with insufficient off-street parking, you may submit a notarized permit application for a residential parking permit. If approved, your permit is valid only in the designated zone where you live. Permits, which will now be displayed on the outside of your rear window, are valid only for the vehicle they are issued, and no more than three permits will be issued to any one residence. A $10 prepayment is required for each permit. Visitor’s permits are also available. Violation of any residential-parking provisions is a misdemeanor.

Parking in downtown Edmonds is a concern that is frequently evaluated as the City strives to find parking solutions that address and meet multiple types of parking needs. For further detail, please review the ordinances, or contact the City Clerk’s Office at 425-775-2525.

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