Spring 2016

escc hekinanThe Edmonds Sister City Commission 2016 student exchange is taking shape. In February, the Commission interviewed four chaperone candidates for this year's student trip to Hekinan, Japan. Candidate Anita Kotik, a teacher from Edmonds Elementary, and 2015 Chaperone, Robert Allen, a teacher from Madrona School, were chosen to lead this year's delegation. Currently, there are eight students from the Edmonds area who will be traveling as Edmonds' ambassadors to Hekinan, Japan this summer.

The student exchange program is part of the Edmonds Sister City Commission's relationship with Hekinan Japan. Every summer a delegation of students from Edmonds go to Hekinan for a two-week stay and then a delegation of students from Hekinan come to Edmonds for a two-week stay. Students stay with host families, provide a portion of their chaperone's travel costs, and covering their own travel pending costs. Chaperones also stay with host families. These host family stays provide students and chaperones with a very rich cultural experience.

During the next three months the delegation will meet six times in preparation for their visit to Hekinan... at the same time, Hekinan students will also be meeting to prepare for their visit to Edmonds. You can follow these preparations on the Commission's Facebook page!

red onion burger croppedTo help raise funds to support the exchange program, the Sister City Commission will host a fundraiser at Red Onion Burgers in Mountlake Terrace on Tuesday, May 3rd from 5 - 8 pm. During that time delegates and ESCC Commissioners will help with washing dishes, pouring beverages, making milkshakes, busing tables and seating guests. In return, the delegation will receive 20% of sales, 100% of cash tips and 50% of the credit card tips. We encourage everyone to come meet our Edmonds' delegates and Sister City Commissioners and support this great program. The Red Onion Burgers is located at 21005 44th Ave. W, Suite 101 in Mountlake Terrace.

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