Spring 2016

Social Media: The Edmonds Police Department has been using Twitter and FB to put out crime stories, public safety information and breaking events (traffic accidents and road closures).

We have 1,700 Twitter followers now and about 1,200 facebook friends. We are going to continue to use these platforms to get the word out about what we are doing in your community. You don’t have to be an active Twitter or Facebook user to follow us. Click here for our Facebook page and here for our Twitter feed.

Here are a couple of examples of posts from the big March windstorm
twitter 1twitter 2        
Here’s a collision scene we recently Tweeted out
twitter 3
We want to get the word out about crime in our community... here’s a recent community update on our Facebook page
twitter 5                              
Community Partnerships: We have had two great partnerships emerge with our media outlets. We have been filming a question and answer segment with My Edmonds News. You can find the “Ask the Edmonds Cop” segments on the My Edmonds News website or linked to our Twitter/FB pages. You can submit your questions to My Edmonds News for future segments.

We have also been working with Washington’s Most Wanted closely. They have been running more of our cases where a suspect needs to be caught or identified. We had four success stories in one month alone, including viewer tips that helped catch a group of burglars!
twitter 6  
New Employees: Say hello to Officers Robert Peck and Brittany Johnsen our newest recruits... they just started our training program.
 twitter 7  twitter 8

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