Spring 2016
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As many of you may know, the City of Edmonds had an Economic Development Commission (EDC) for several years. It was a large body (17 members) that accomplished a great deal during its multiyear tenure. As a part of their enabling legislation, the Commission was set up for a review and potential sunset at the end of 2015. At that time the Council chose to sunset the Commission.

I believe the City needs to be forward-looking and seek new opportunities that will enhance our economy, and an Economic Development Commission is a key organization to do just that. With that in mind, early this year I proposed a new EDC with a slightly different format, one which the Council found agreeable.

Under the new format, there are 9 voting members (2 appointments by the mayor and 1 each by Council members). Nonvoting members include a City Council member and representatives from the Port of Edmonds, our Planning Board and the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.

The new EDC recently met for the first time and I must say the group has an energetic and insightful membership that will be a positive force for our community. The membership is a cross-section of the community from consultants to high-tech to local businesses. Watching the issues they choose to tackle and their progress will be interesting and fun.

The EDC will meet on third Wednesdays of the month at 6pm in the Brackett Conference Room on the third floor of City Hall (the April meeting will be on the 14th due to a conflict). Public input is encouraged, with a public commenting opportunity to be scheduled at each meeting. In addition, the Councilmembers and I consider the EDC members as ambassadors to the community on issues related to economic prosperity and growth, so feel free to engage with any EDC members on issues of interest or importance to you. You may find more information about the Commission at their webpage:


Mayor Dave Earling

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