Spring 2015
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Happy Spring and Improved Economy,

Yes, happy spring, but the question may be... did winter ever happen? As best I can recall, we had four or five days when temperatures approached freezing during the three months we usually expect a little ice. And the kids want to know why snow didn't get them a couple of extra days off? 

As of this writing, flowers all around town are coming into bloom and the city staff is beginning work in our downtown corner gardens. Can the flower baskets be far behind?

Spring is a time of "awakening" not only in our gardens, but also in our local economy which continues to grow and expand. The "Great Recession" that started in 2008, provided some lean years until the economic turnaround started in 2013. Now I am amazed at the very busy business neighborhoods in our community. Whether it is Highway 99, Westgate, the Waterfront or the downtown core, there is a vibrancy which exceeds where we were even two years ago. And, of course, the increase in business means more sales tax which helps our city remain financially strong.

I hope you all take time to enjoy spring... with summer, and our many festivals and celebrations just around the corner, it will pass quickly. Also, please watch for news and information about how you can participate in Edmonds upcoming 125th Anniversary celebration on August 11th. We may even have a delegation from Hekinan Japan, our Sister City, here to help us celebrate!


Mayor Dave Earling

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