76th Ave W & 212th St SW Intersection Improvements

212th St SW 76th Ave W Aerial 2


76th Ave & 212th St. Intersection Improvements 
The intersection improvements will provide dedicated left turn lanes on 76th Avenue with simultaneous turning movements during the left turn phase. This, along with the addition of right-turn lanes and a new traffic signal will increase the capacity and improve intersection signal operation, traffic flow, vehicle delay, and air quality by reducing vehicle emissions.  The City’s water, storm and sewer utilities will be upgraded within the project limits and the overhead utilities will be converted to an underground system.

The Bike2Health improvements will provide bike lanes on 76th Avenue and 212th Street by converting the streets to three lanes, including a center two-way left turn lane.  Bike lanes on 76th Avenue will begin at 220th Street and continue north to 198th Street in Lynnwood.  A combination of bike lanes and sharrows will be installed on 76th Ave north of 198th St to Olympic View Drive.  The 212th Street bike lanes will begin at the Five Corners intersection and continue east to 72nd Avenue.  It also includes, replacement of existing catch basin frames and grates, permanent signage, modifications of two existing traffic signal systems, and new route and way finding signage.  The Bike2Helath project is funded by grants from the Snohomish County Verdant Health Commission and the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board.


Construction will resume the week of July 16th with the contractor making preparations for the placement of the final lift of pavement at the intersection.   The paving work is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 23rd and continue until Thursday, July 26th.   Paint striping and miscellaneous close-out work is expected to continue until the middle of August.  Expect lane closures and temporary delays during the upcoming construction work.


  76th & 212th Improvements Bike2Health Total Project
Contract Award $3,897,274 $537,966 $4,435,240
Construction Mgmt & Testing (16%)  $623,564 $86,075 $709,638
PUD Undergrounding  $178,500   $178,500
Frontier Undergrounding  $136,148   $136,148
Management Reserve (10%) $421,192 $53,797 $474,989
Total = $5,256,678 $677,837 $5,934,515


  76th & 212th Improvements Bike2Health Total Project
Federal Grant  $2,676,184   $2,676,184
Washington State TIB $1,363,626 $91,898 $1,455,524
Street Fund 112 $33,746 $5,939 $39,685
Water Fund $712,904   $712,904
Sewer Fund $345,002   $345,002
Reimbursement by Comcast $41,926   $41,926
Reimbursement by Wave $83,289   $83,289
Bike 2 Health Verdant Grant   $580,000 $580,000
Total = $5,256,678 $677,837 $5,934,515

Improvement Plan: (click image to enlarge)

Improvement Plan


Existing Conditions:                                     Planned Changes:

Existing Conditions    Conditions Changes


Planned Lane Alignment: (click image to enlarge)

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