General Permit Assistance

The City established a Green Business Pledge in the spring of 2014. The purpose of the pledge was to raise awareness amongst the City’s business community and encourage local businesses to employ green business practices in their daily operations. To date, approximately 35 businesses have taken the pledge. Due to limited staff time, the City has not been able to provide as much follow-up with the businesses who have taken the pledge, nor further get the word out to encourage additional businesses to take the pledge. Additionally, the intention when creating the pledge was for it to be converted into a full Green Business Program where additional resources and benefits would be available to participants. The City would like assistance in fleshing out and marketing the Green Business Program.

The project will be the focus of the Greening Business Applications course (MGMT 466, 30 students) taught in Spring 2017 by Dr. Craig Dunn. The course is an experiential capstone that draws upon both the business school and the environmental studies department.

The project results are posted here.

Development Code Update

New Stormwater Code in effect.   
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Permitting Contacts

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Building & Code News

2019 Development Fees

New development fees - available here - as of January 1, 2019.


Sign Code Updated

The City's sign code has recently been updated, modifying how downtown sidewalk signs are regulated as well as improving some other more general sign code provisions. A summary can be found here, along with an application form.


Building Codes Updated

The 2015 International Building Codes as adopted by the City of Edmonds take effect on July 1, 2016.


Carbon Monoxide detectors

Updated information on the State requirements for CO detectors are shown in the attached memo.