Highway 99 Planning Project


arrow-b Project Overview

The Highway 99 corridor is a key feature of Edmonds. It is comprised of a two-mile stretch of Highway 99 (a state highway) and the land area around it. Parts of this corridor abut the jurisdictions of Shoreline, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, and Snohomish County. A new Highway 99 Subarea Plan project is underway to focus on a community vision and approaches for making long-term improvements to land use and transportation, while also retaining the positive characteristics of many parts of the corridor. Public information and participation are very important.

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News & Updates

8/15/2017   City Council will take action on adopting the plan, zoning map, code amendments, and planned action ordinance.
7/31/2017   City Council will hold a Public Hearing on the Highway 99 Area Planned Action Ordinance regarding SEPA process related to the Hwy 99 subarea plan and code.
6/14/2017   The Planning Board held a hearing on the proposed zone changes in the Highway 99 subarea on June 14th
5/10/2017   The Planning Board held a public hearing on proposed codes changes for the Highway 99 subarea on May 10th. The presentation from the meeting can be viewed here.
4/25/2017   Edmonds transportation projects get help from Olympia.
4/7/2016   An online survey is now available online at the project website.
3/24/2016   Polling results from the March 24th public workshop on the Highway 99 project and visioning are available online.

Meetings & Presentations

8/15/2017   Take action on adopting the plan, zoning map, code amendments, and planned action ordinance (City Council).
7/31/2017   Public Hearing on the planned action code (aka "planned action ordinance") regarding SEPA process related related to the Hwy 99 area plan (City Council).
6/14/2017   Public Hearing on Highway 99 zoning changes (Planning Board). View proposed map changes here.
5/10/2017   Public Hearing on Highway 99 code amendments (Planning Board). The presentation is here.
4/12/2017   Presentation on proposed Highway 99 code amendments from the April 12, 2017 Planning Board meeting
3/21/2017   City Council Public Hearing on the Highway 99 Subarea Plan
11/10/2016   Presentation from November, 2016 Open House
5/19/2016   Presentation from the May 19, 2016 Open House (2MB)
3/24/2016   Presentation from March 24, 2016 Workshop  
3/24/2016   Public Workshop on Highway 99 project and visioning 
2/9/2016   Highway 99 Subarea Planning Project Council Briefing - Project "Kick-Off" (6MB)


Background Documents

Planning News

  • Highway 99 Subarea Plan

    Click here to follow progress on the Highway 99 Subarea planning process.

  • Shoreline Master Program Update

    Find out about the new Shoreline Master Program update, affecting planning and regulation city shorelines (including Edmonds Marsh and Lake Ballinger).

  • AWC Award

    The City of Edmonds won an Association of Washington Cities Municipal Excellence Award for its Sustaining Edmonds program.